Soul Sisters Present


"One for the pot"

is a movement incorporating elements of both “paying it forward” and gifting.  We have been living through unprecedented times of change and we continue to be a little unsure of how the future may look. What we do know is that the systems and ways of living we have relied upon in the past are no longer guaranteed. Therefore there is an ever-growing need to commit to a more sharing, altruistic vibe in our day-to-day lives and more importantly the absolute need to take back the control of our own well being.

What exactly is "One for the pot"?

It is a central pot of money used to fund the businesses taking part(see our "one for the pot" map below) in order that they may gift sample treatments, courses, nourishment and pampering - depending on their niche; This will hopefully allow those who may not usually partake in this type of self care or self betterment to do so. Any number of factors may prevent people from caring for their own well being, such as lack of finance, lack of awareness or simply always placing themselves at the bottom of the "to do" list.

Who can claim what is in the pot?

Absolutely anybody! We really see this movement as putting any assessment of need solely the hands of each recipient. This movement is coming directly from our hearts. We have always known that Soul Sisters Universal would have to be a truly beneficial company on all levels. We have been so inspired by the quality of the collaborators we
All too often giving is based on the givers judgement of the need of the recipient and also tends to offer basic necessities. We want to completely turn these concepts on their head by providing quality therapies, courses, and services for free to those who have a need - directly from the hands of heart-led experts who may just mark the beginning of your journey to optimum, whole health. That starts with you making you a priority. It’s simple and we hope, very effective.

You can find a comprehensive list of participating businesses and make a donation to the pot.