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April 7, 2021

I was working in a tobacconists in San Antonio Bay, Ibiza on an cigarette promotional campaign (smoking's not cool kids, don't do it) and next door was this body painting and glitter shop with a hairdresser and nail bar thrown in for good measure. After having my hair dyed blue black a couple of times the proprietor had well and truly caught my eye. Not only drop dead gorgeous, Rebecca had a too cool for school aura radiating off her as she charmed all who came along with her openness, but I saw clearly her strong boundaries. Not everybody got in.

I had this mad fantasy of being her glittered up PR which rapidly manifested. That was her first bizzare request to which I said yes. Many more followed over the years and my gut reaction was always-and quite uncharacteristically-simply yes. These affirmations led me to ventures, adventures, painting shops heavily pregnant, painting an ice cream van gold, hitching up marquees in a Cornish gale dressed in iridescent wellies and not much else and travelling by coach across Spain while six months pregnant(yes I was always pregnant for a while there) to glitter people fabulous at Bennimuasa. All such beautiful madness.

When Rebecca first mentioned Soul Sisters to me it was, of course, a yes. Because this encompasses our journey, it's what we've always been even before we realised: Soul Sisters.The knowing of the unknown and the sheer instinctive trust for no other reason than, well because yes.

I hope we can share this vibe, guiding others inward to the voice lives inside - that if listened to can take you down the road less traveled and guide you to the others who make your Soul shine....

By Soul Sisters

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